Absolutely not! The incredible experience of tandem skydiving comes at no expense to you. This generosity is made possible by the kind-hearted donations from individuals and corporations to the Skydive First Project. So, get ready to soar, knowing that this thrilling adventure is a gift from the hearts of those who believe in making dreams take flight!

The tandem instructors that work with Skydive First Project are some of the best in the world. They can do tandem skydives with paraplegics, quadriplegics, and amputees.

For paraplegic and quadriplegic flyers, the tandem instructor will use a standard tandem harness but will secure the legs in an upright position toward the chest for a smooth and easy landing.

A specially designed tandem harness is used for flyers that are double and quadruple amputees.

All tandem skydivers must be less than 230 lbs to skydive. The weight limit for skydiving is determined by the manufacturer of the parachute system used for all our tandem skydives.

There is no sudden drop feeling associated with freefall. The feeling is not what you would expect — it’s not like on a roller coaster. Since the plane you are in is moving forward in excess of 100mph, the horizontal movement of the plane creates a cushion of air when you jump out that supports your body and makes it feel like you are flying (as opposed to falling).

YES! We will take care of the video and pictures for you.

YES, just like you would on the ground.

About 120mph!

60 seconds of free fall and about 4-5 minutes under the canopy!

18 years old to infinity.

Lace-up athletic shoes, shorts or long pants, a T-shirt (long or short sleeve). If it’s chilly outside, it will be much colder at altitude, so you may want to wear pants and a sweatshirt or light jacket. We do have jumpsuits available upon request.

Yes! We have specific goggles that you can wear over your glasses for your jump. This allows you to clearly see the breathtaking view. Just ask!

Unfortunately, no, you cannot. In compliance with USPA recommendations and for safety reasons, we do not allow you to bring a camera on your jump.

Absolutely! The more, the merrier! We have a comfortable deck and covered picnic areas overlooking the landing area.

Approximately 13,500 feet.

If the wind is right, most tandems land standing up on their feet, while some tandems slide-in smoothly similar to that of a baseball slide.

Yes, if you like. We highly recommend it if you are capable. It gives you the true sensation of being able to fly. The instructor will brief you on the ground and assist you with steering while under the canopy. The instructor will take full control of the steering a few minutes before landing.

Often, we can predict the weather conditions days before the scheduled event, and we will notify you if they are not optimal. Keep in mind that even if the weather seems great at the drop zone, conditions can always change. If, for any reason, you cannot proceed with your tandem skydive, we will happily reschedule for another time.

You need 25 skydives to get a skydiving A license. Your tandem skydive counts towards the required 25. This means you only have 24 more to go to get your A license. An A license means you can jump out of the airplane by yourself. Now how cool is that!

Still have questions?

Please call us at 863-983-6151–we’d love to talk with you!